Upper Noe Valley Residence, San Francisco, CA. The Upper Noe Valley Residence represents a dramatic remodel of a classic Arts and Crafts style home in the city’s historic Noe Valley district of San Francisco.  Using reclaimed, as well as new, hand-crafted materials, the finished design combines the best of traditional and contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.

The design team of Michael Logue, Kevin Ma, and Donovan Weber began work on the project by carefully examining the existing architectural elements of the Arts and Crafts styled home that was to be remodeled. According to Logue, “We suggested re-introducing another layer of both Art and Craft to the home by creating a more pronounced atmosphere of a craft-within-a-craft environment.  For example, we used reclaimed timber from old barn wood for a new post and beam system to organize the home’s various rooms and highlight their unique features. The post and beams support a series of wooden ceiling and wall grilles along with lantern boxes to create points of illumination while examining varying scales within each space.”

The effect of the “craft-within-a-craft” approach is most evident in the living room where the post and beams engage with the new fireplace and bar/credenza. Like most of the features in the home, the fireplace has an asymmetrical composition that leads one’s eye from the ceiling to the wall and from one space to another. The fireplace is composed of polished concrete in a sage green hue with a warm gray Venetian finish above. The bar/credenza on the opposite side of the living room was desired by the homeowner for entertaining and this unit also became a bridge connecting the adjoining dining room.  Here too, the ceiling grille becomes a backdrop material to the bar which houses a wet bar, wine and liquor storage, a mini refrigerator and ice machine.

“Together, the project’s fine woodworking, hand-crafted polished concrete, unique tile and Venetian plaster work are all examples of the materials and finish exploration that infuse this project with a unique sense of craft and beauty.  We feel we’ve created a home that represents a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation,” says Logue. See Press.