St. Regis Residence, San Francisco, CA. The St Regis Residence is a collaborative project with Randy Thueme Landscape Design where the space’s terraces became an extension of the building’s architectural presence and a visual gateway to the San Francisco skyline beyond. The project consists of four terraces with integrated water features, fireplace elements, foliage and shading elements. The largest shading element unifies the three activity zones of the main 1,500 square foot terrace.

The main terrace is divided into three areas. The first area is defined by a bronze clad fireplace element with integrated low seating that creates an intimate space for exterior dinning. The second area is framed by the fireplace element on one side and a bronze clad entertainment unit on the other. In between is an infinity edge water feature that brings the sound and movement of water to the open space. This area is more formal in its intended use with areas of defined seating. The third space is demarcated by the entertainment unit which incorporates an operable television lift to reveal a large flat-screen for more casual viewing. Overhead an aluminum shade structure integrates lighting, heating and acoustic components into a single “spine” that interconnects all three zones. Materials and finishes are meant to soften the urban feel of the otherwise metropolitan space. Within the perimeter of the large windscreen walls, vines are grown to become an intermediary  “green belt” between the city and terrace. Low bronze planter boxes are inset into the perimeter walls as well as into the stone paver pattern.