Orinda Hills Residence – Orinda CA. The Orinda Residence is a phased remodel of a classic “International Style” building originally designed by architect David Boone in the 1960’s. The project called for expanding the home by creating a new kitchen and dining space, a new master bathroom addition, a guest wing addition, and a new pool.

The proposed work expands upon the original home’s unique character with its expansive windows, its indoor-outdoor relationships and its sweeping angular roofline and eaves. The new master bathroom addition incorporates a “butterfly” angled roof to visually link itself to the original structure. The guest wing also expands upon the home’s original design vocabulary by incorporating angled wooden columns that are similar to those used to support the overhanging eaves. For the guest wing, however, the angled columns create a whimsical “bird’s nest” pattern that helps to create a unique interior environment while structurally supporting a roof deck above. This column series is continued in the outdoor pool area where several co-mingled columns support an angled shade structure.