The Noe Valley Residence – San Francisco, CA. The Noe Valley Residence is a 3000 sq. ft. San Francisco residence situated on a Noe Valley hilltop with distinct views of the city’s picturesque skyline and surrounding neighborhood. The building’s design explores several paths, including the region’s formal geometries as seen in its Victorian buildings, while utilizing key components of the site’s original Arts and Crafts cottage.

Traditional building forms in the area include cylindrical bays, turrets, rooftop widow watches and steeply pitched rooflines. These geometries have been reinterpreted into a contemporary composition that is further shaped by the scale and view corridors of the site. A series of copper-clad cylindrical bays with rooftop terraces are connected by a series of bridges and positioned to capture the home’s striking panoramic vistas. The building’s construction process utilized both technician and artisan to integrate solar technology, water filtration and radiant heating systems as well as craft-oriented elements such as hand-troweled plaster walls, travertine and pebbled stone floor inlays and concrete counter surfaces.