The Marquee Penthouse – San Francisco, CA. The 2600 square foot San Francisco penthouse it situated within an historic concrete industrial building with an open floor plan. Each space within the unit explores innovation and stands in contrast to the industrial materials and finishes of the existing space.

As one enters the unit, they immediately take notice of an overhead glass and stainless steel lighting chase-way that interconnects several areas of the main floor. This light channel gives the impression of movement as the suspended steel and glass ceiling and lighting elements slip along surfaces and around corners in a manner that resembles energy moving about a circuit board. The entry, main corridor, living room, dining room and kitchen are visually linked by this suspended glass lighting system that along with the LED lighting can change color to modify the space’s ambiance.

Extended off of the glass channels, “winged” ceiling canopies define activity areas beneath them. The frames of the suspended wings are made of stainless steel with a PVC film stretched between. To further enhance the concept of flight within the space, an aluminum fuselage is used as a screen to divide the living room space from the elevated master bedroom. The fuselage has operable panels that open and close to regulate light emitted into the bedroom. Below the panels are concealed rotating bookshelves that are affixed to a hidden motorized platform extending beneath the bedroom area. At the push of a button The platform extends outward into the living room as a reading space complete with sofa and book storage. The kitchen also has a host of technological features that enhance one’s experience within the space. Like the operable reading space, the kitchen’s island has extendable counter surfaces that open to reveal cook fryers, a steamer and griddle beneath them. The kitchen’s upper wall cabinetry has SwitchLite glass incorporated into their frames that go from opaque to transparent at the touch of a switch to allow one to view the contents within the cabinet. See Press.