JA Magazine: International Competition – House with No Style

Sole Juror: Rem Koolhas, Awarded Honorable Mention

House of Temporal Reside - The notion of “house” is reduced to its base components. That is, it is reduced to those essential base needs of dwelling, such as, a space to eat, sleep, communicate with others, to clean and wash, to urinate and defecate, and a place with a sense of security from the natural elements (heat, cold wind, rain, snow, etc.). The “house” becomes a three-dimensional timeline of the of these temporal conditions.

The “house” is extruded and elongated along the path of a displaced individual’s daily routines. These routines are marked by the intervention of the individual with their immediate environment and the translation of what that environment becomes (example: tree as plant, or as shelter, psychological and physical barrier, etc.). The process can be described as a house of temporal residence where needs and circumstances are dealt with as an immediate intuitive response to the internal (bodily) / external (environment) conditions at hand. Every response to this condition becomes an essential component of this transformative dwelling. Every contact with the external world becomes a fused part of the individual’s world, if only for an instant.

“Men are conditioned beings because everything they come in contact with becomes a condition of their existence.” – Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition