DVDstation – San Francisco, CA. DVDstation is a technology driven DVD rental establishment that allows their customers to browse through thousands of movie titles, reviews and previews all from the store’s touch-screen monitors. The prototype stores developed for DVDstation aim to convey a new retail experience by integrating technology and furniture. Where conventional store models display DVD rental boxes on numerous shelves, DVDstation’s concept eliminates the display shelf and the space they occupy and replaces them with a simple browsing station.

Two prototype stores were developed: 1) The Technologically Grounded scheme which integrates warm woods and earth tones into furniture and technology that visually appear to emerge from the floor. 2) The Technologically Buoyant scheme represents technology in motion or as data and is therefore seen as light, airy and buoyant. The Tech Buoyant scheme uses materials such as metals, glass and translucent acrylics and is suspended from the ceiling downwards.